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Process Control

Case Study: Custom Hydraulic and Pneumatic Solutions

  • SeaSim - Helm-to-Rudder Simulator SeaSim - Helm-to-Rudder Simulator

    The SeaSim has been designed and built to offer a complete hands on experience in state of the art operation of a ship's rudder controls from both the bridge and the engine room. 

    Features include power assisted hydraulic steering, joystick, electronic jog control, emergency manual control. SeaSim offers a unique insight into the operation of the rudder. 

  • CFA (Country Fire Authority) CFA (Country Fire Authority)

    Problem: Design a remote operated pneumatic system to control the intensity of flames at a CFA fire simulator site for training.

    We created and provided a Fire Control Bench simulator for the training of fire fighter crews extinguishing fires. An operator sat in a control tower and directed supervisors to assist in the training of new recruits.


Latest News

FIPA presents: Oval vacuum cups

Introducing the newly developed oval vacuum cups series.

The vacuum cups are characterised by a very long cycle life, which has also been successfully demonstrated against vacuum cups of competitors in practical operation. The long service life is enabled by means of a new high wear- and oil-resistant NBR material and a special vacuum suction cup construction which minimises the load on the vacuum cup during handling.


FIPA presents: New ID grippers for parts with different diameters

Flexible and service friendly

The pneumatically operated, single-acting ID grippers from FIPA GmbH have already established themselves as the alternative for workpieces with holes or cut-outs or for when vacuum cups or grippers aren’t just right for handling goods. FIPA has completely overhauled its portfolio and now offers users maximum flexibility with minimal set-up time.

The small ID grippers are now equipped with food-safe gripper heads made of polyamide (PA) and are suitable for light and small parts with openings measuring 3 to 10 millimeters in size. If necessary, the gripper heads can be easily exchanged in a non-destructive manner.



  • I have known Blain Barber from PSI supplies for sixteen years and have found him to be an excellent supplier. He is extremely helpful and professional in his approach. When called upon he is prompt and knowledgeable. He has assisted me in many ways on every occasion.

    I can highly recommend his services.

    Gus Zumbo - Maintenance Supervisor
    Chep - Altona, Victoria