Part Number: 10803
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Details: Precision flow control valve
Specifications: Valve function  Throttle function  Pneumatic connection, port 1  PK-3  Pneumatic connection, port 2  PK-3  Type of actuation  manual  Adjusting element  Rotary knob with scale  Mounting type  Front panel installation  Standard nominal flow rate in flow control direction  40.7 l/min  Standard nominal flow rate in non-return direction  88 l/min  Operating pressure  0 ... 8 bar  Ambient temperature  -10 ... 50 °C  Materials information, housing  PA-reinforced  Assembly position  Any  Operating pressure from 2 to 1  0 ... 0.5 bar  Standard nominal flow rate in flow control direction from 1 bar to 0 bar  19 l/min  Standard nominal flow rate in non-return direction from 1 bar to 0 bar  20 ... 60 l/min  Standard flow rate in direction of flow control: 6 -> 0 bar  60 l/min  Standard flow rate in blocked direction: 6 -> 0 bar  127 l/min  Operating medium  Compressed air to ISO8573-1:2010 [5:4:3]  Inert gases Note on operating and pilot medium  Lubricated operation not possible  Medium temperature  -10 ... 50 °C  Product weight  48 g  Materials note  Contains PWIS substances  Materials information for seals  NBR  PVC Material information, holder  Wrought Aluminium alloy  Material information, PK connections  Wrought Aluminium alloy  Brass Screw material data  Steel 
Located in: Festo

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The vacuum cups are characterised by a very long cycle life, which has also been successfully demonstrated against vacuum cups of competitors in practical operation. The long service life is enabled by means of a new high wear- and oil-resistant NBR material and a special vacuum suction cup construction which minimises the load on the vacuum cup during handling.


FIPA presents: New ID grippers for parts with different diameters

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The small ID grippers are now equipped with food-safe gripper heads made of polyamide (PA) and are suitable for light and small parts with openings measuring 3 to 10 millimeters in size. If necessary, the gripper heads can be easily exchanged in a non-destructive manner.