Model T5700 Electro-Pneumatic I/P, E/P Transducer

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The Fairchild T5700 Electro-Pneumatic I/P, E/P Transducer features an immunity to Supply Pressure Change, permitting its use of normal plant air, and features minimal Air Use in dead end service (0.05 SCFM) reducing air consumption.


  • Low Droop under flow conditions allows improved control of downstream pressure.
  • Immunity to Supply Pressure Change permits use of normal plant air.
  • Minimal Air Use in dead end service (.05 SCFM) reduces air consumption.
  • High Forward and Exhaust Capacity permits increased process speed.
  • Transducer can be configured to deliver an output which is directly or inversely proportional to the input.
  • Split Range Operation permits two or more functions to be controlled from a common signal source (except 1-5 VDC unit).
  • Built in Supply Pressure Regulator eliminates need for a separate regulator.
  • Wall or Panel Mounting allows convenient installation.

Operating Principles

The Fairchild T5700 is an electro-pneumatic device that converts a current signal to a linear pneumatic output. This device uses a force balance system in which a built-in supply regulator also functions as a pneumatic amplifier. Together the flapper and the nozzle work to control the pressure in the intermediate housing. This pressure acts on a diaphragm assembly which in turns controls the output pressure.


Output Range
3-15 psig, [0.2-1.0 BAR], (20-100 kPa)
Supply Pressure
18-150 psig, [1.2-10.0 BAR], (120-1000 kPa)
Flow Capacity (SCFM)
17 (28.9 m³/HR) for 20 psig, [1.4 BAR], (140 kPa)
47 (79.9 m³/HR) for 120 psig, [8.0 BAR], (800 kPa)
Exhaust Capacity (SCFM)
over 9 (15.3 m³/HR) for downstream pressure 5 psig, [.035 BAR], (.35 kPa) above setpoint
Maximum Air Consumption
0.05 (.08 m³/HR) with 20-120 psig, [1.5-8.0 BAR], (150-800 kPa) supply
Independent Linearity
+0.5% Full Scale
Supply Pressure Effect
+0.3% Full Scale for +50 psig, [3.5 BAR], (350 kPa) change
Terminal Base Linearity
+1.0% Full Scale
Hysteresis & Repeatability
Within 0.1% Full Scale
Input Impedence

Input Range OHMS
4-20 mA 62
10-50 mA 26
1-5 VDC 510
1-9 VDC 1020

Temperature Range
-40°F to +150°F, (-40°C to +65°C)
Materials of Construction
Housing: Aluminum
Orifice: Sapphire
Diaphragm: Buna N Dacron Fabric

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