Part Number: 15036
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Details: Cartridge cylinder
Stroke5 mm
Piston diameter10 mm
CushioningNo cushioning
Assembly positionAny
Mode of operationpushing action
Design structureCylinder barrel
Position detectionNo
VariantsSingle-ended piston rod
Operating pressure1.5 ... 8 bar
Operating mediumCompressed air in accordance with ISO8573-1:2010 [7:-:-]
Corrosion resistance classification CRC2
Ambient temperature-20 ... 80 °C
Theoretical force at 6 bar42 N
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advance stroke42 N
Mounting typewith lock nut
Pneumatic connectionM5
Materials information for coverPOM
Materials information for sealsTPE-U(PU)
Materials information, housingNickel plated
Materials information for piston rodHigh alloy steel
Located in: Festo

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