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We have designed and manufactured an extraordinary range of specialised equipment for a huge range of industries.

Here are some examples of the projects we have been involved with

SeaSim - Helm-to-Rudder Simulator

Problem: Australian Navy students required a learning tool to help visualise the effects of controlling the rudder from the bridge and the engine room.

Solution: PSI Fluid Power designed and built the SeaSim to offer a complete hands on experience in state of the art operation of a ship’s rudder controls from both the bridge and the engine room. 

Pressure Chamber

Problem: Design and build a 57-litre 20-bar pressure chamber for a customer to pressure test their electronic instruments.

Solution: The chamber has an inner chamber that is filled with water and the instruments are lowered into with the cables over the edge of this chamber.

CFA Control Bench

Problem: Design a remote operated pneumatic system to control the intensity of flames at a Country Fire Authority fire simulator site for training.

Solution: We created and provided a Fire Control Bench simulator for the training of fire fighter crews extinguishing fires. An operator sits in a control tower and directed supervisors to assist in the training of new recruits.

Queensland Sugar Mill

Problem: Operators complained that manually controlling air dampers was dangerous and an OH&S issue.

Solution: We were able to provide a supply assembled valve cylinder combination package for controlled operation of air damper systems.

Downer EDI - Vic Metro Trains - Portable Pressure Boosting Rig

Problem: Customer had to pressure test brake systems on all carriages. The issue is the test pressure is above the shop air pressure and was required to be a portable test unit.

Solution: We designed a portable air test kit using a pneumatic intensifier boosting shop air to 10 bar.
Shop air initially filled the system then isolated and the air intensifier increased pressure to the required specification. The kit was fabricated from aluminium profile with a carry handle, a total of 6 units were supplied.

Automotive Industry

Problem: Large 40-tonne vibration testing platform supported by air bags would create a wave pattern due to the frequency, in turn this would distort the results and cause the test bench to shut down

Solution: We created closed loop Fairchild transducer and display monitor systems controlling three banks of air bags, stopping the unrestricted waves to occur

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